1 All-in-One WP Migration

Migration tool for all your blog data. Import or Export your blog content with a single click.

6.70版本 | 由ServMask | 查看详情
2 DX-auto-save-images

Automatically keep the remote picture to the local, and automatically generate thumbnails. 自动保持远程图片到本地,并且自动生成缩略图。

1.4.0版本 | 由大侠wp | 查看详情
3 Netease Music

WordPress 音乐播放器,支持网易云音乐和虾米音乐。

3.1.0版本 | 由bigfa | 查看详情
4 Pretty Links

Shrink, track and share any URL on the Internet from your WordPress website!

2.1.6版本 | 由Blair Williams | 查看详情
5 Really Simple SSL

无需任何设定的轻量级插件来让你的网站有 SSL 证明

3.0.2版本 | 由Rogier Lankhorst | 查看详情
6 SO Pinyin Slugs

Transforms Chinese character titles (of Posts, Pages and all other content types that use slugs) into a permalink friendly slug, showing pinyin that can be read by humans and (Chinese) search engines alike.

2.1.2版本 | 由SO WP | 查看详情
7 WP Baidu Map

A real Baidu map plugin.

1.2.1版本 | 由suifengtec | 查看详情

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